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Amanda D. Cook

Professional Graphic Design & Photographer

I’m here to make sure you stand out with knockout design and strategy.

Specializing in developing creative for high value content for lead generation. I help launch, manage, and grow brands with creativity and design. I have designed rich campaigns for a variety of B2B, B2C and nonprofit brands. As well as create marketing collateral, white papers, web design, and identity materials for various clients.

Creative graphic design solutions

Top-quality customer service

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Creavitity isn’t the way I think, its the way I live. —Paul Sandip


Being a dog mom is a gift. My dogs give me a reason to smile everyday. Keep the tail Waggin’!

Happy Hour

Where all the best business decisions are made. 

Friends & Family

Those close to my heart, who bring out the best in me, make me laugh, celebrate & dream. 


Beach Days = Best Days


I’ll make things til my fingers fall off. Then when they do, I’ll grab my glue gun and glue them back on. 


Join the Party!

Amanda’s vision and ability helps her create amazing marketing pieces that stimulate the senses and cause the audience to respond. She understands art and the principles of marketing. I have worked with Amanda since 2005, and she has continuously honed her abilities while keeping up with the trends (and setting some of her own) and mastering the new technologies. Working with Amanda is one of the best experiences, for both her customers and her vendors. She makes each step of the process flow seamlessly and delivers on what she promises – top quality customer service and attention to detail. I recommend Amanda to anyone who wants results. 

Will Stanke

Account Manager, AdvantageTrust

Amanda is excellent at what she does, from unique design ideas to prompt completion. But the main reason I would recommend her, is because she is a person of high integrity.

Bryan Sebring

Business Owner, Sebring Design Build

We have worked with Amanda for several different company websites.  She’s so personable and responds quickly to the many changes and ideas that we throw at her.  She’s excellent at what she does and gives her clients 110% of her effort.  I highly recommend her and her company!”

Kenny Kophamer

Owner, Kophamer Blean Realty

My Work

Whether it is Print, Corporate Identity, Web Design or Photography, I’m your girl.